Good Valentines Day Ideas

Good Valentine's Day Ideas for Friendship or Relationships

Good Valentines Day Ideas

It's that time of year again...some of us may look forward to Valentine's Day while others experience varying degrees of dread. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, this one day each year can bring so much understandable but unnecessary pressure. Here are some good Valentine's Day ideas to help remove some of that pressure for anyone, regardless of relationship status.

In a Relationship
If you are in a relationship- depending on how long you have been together- the anticipation of February 14th can be accompanied with a lot of pressure. Take a moment: find gratitude for your partner and remember that this is just a day where you can focus your energy on expressing your appreciation for him or her. Try to stick to simple Valentine's Day ideas. Perhaps you are super excited about Valentine's Day or already know what you want to do for your partner. For the other 90% of us, here are a few simple ideas for Valentine's Day that may help you.

1. Take the time to prepare - don't wait until the last minute or the last day before Valentine's Day to prepare, especially if you are in a relationship. Lack of preparation may be interpreted- erroneously or not- as not appreciating your partner and what positive things he or she brings to your life.

2. Celebrate the entire week - as a way to express your love for someone, rather than just celebrating your love and appreciation on one day, what if you take time each day over the period of a week to do something small every day to celebrate? By tapping into your creativity, you can come up with so many good Valentine's Day ideas. Some examples are to leave your partner little love notes or notes of appreciation so they will find them when you are not around each day. Small gifts like chocolate, a flower, or a shared favorite quote can also reinforce your connection and appreciation for your partner.

3. Create magical memories - Valentine's Day is about taking the time to make other feels cherished. The memories and moments we create can never be taken from us. The best part about creating magical memories is that you can also do them on a budget. Focus on how you can make the other person feel by your words, actions and thoughts, and then do the things that lift them up. There are so many ways you can do this. Acknowledgement their positive qualities that you find particularly attractive or endearing. Also, consider how your partner would like to receive this acknowledgement: spoken or in writing? privately or publicly? As another idea, you can cook a special meal and cater to your partner's favorites. If you don't know how to cook, no problem: just order from your favorite restaurant and eat, creating a romantic ambiance at home.

A single person can be in a variety of mindsets come Valentine's Day. Some are excited about being single and wouldn't have it any other way. Others take this opportunity to sulk and lament to any available ears about spending another Valentine's Day without a Valentine. Here are some good Valentine's Day ideas on how to spend it single.

1. Find a Friend Valentine - this day can be romantic, or it can be about honoring and appreciating anyone in your life who is important. This person can be your best friend, family member, roommate,...etc. Maybe ask another person you know who is also not in a romantic relationship to be your Valentine and spend the day together being grateful for all you each bring into your relationship or friendship.

2. Be of Service - the best way to get a lift me up is usually to redirect the focus from ourselves to how we can serve others or make them feel good. Rather than throwing a pity party about being alone, you can harness your time and energy to create small little Valentine's Day gifts for your friends, family, coworkers,..etc. You could buy small bags and fill them up some chocolate covered nuts to help make others feel appreciated on this special day. When we focus our on energy on being thankful and lifting others up, we, in turn get that energy back ten fold.

3. Spoil yourself - nobody says we can't be our own Valentine. Get yourself a bag of chocolate covered nuts and maybe a bottle of wine. Treat yourself to a dinner or a massage. Do the things for yourself that you would want someone to do for you. A little self-love never hurts and can be a whole lot of fun.

The last category pertains to those people who may have been dating or seeing someone but are not clear about where they stand with that person. This can be a challenging place, as you may not know how to act, what to expect, or if you should make plans or not.

1. Be Honest - there is nothing wrong with being honest with someone. If you feel like you are in a place in your relationship where you can ask them directly, then do so. Maybe they have the same concerns and wonders as you. We are all looking for approval and reassurance in a relationship if we have feelings for someone. This may be the easier window of time to initiate the discussion and find out where you stand with each other. For example, let them know that you may have some ideas for Valentine's Day and see if they are interested in hearing more.

2. Be of Service - anytime we have a dilemma like this, one the best approach is one of service. How can you make others people have a brighter day and remove the focus from yourself? You can redirect your attention to your co-workers, friends, family and others. This will help prevent you from being narrowly focused on your own needs and wants and will nevertheless fill you up from the inside out.

3. Spoil yourself - again if you are uncertain about where you stand with another, maybe focus on treating yourself the way you want to be treated by that partner. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spoil yourself and conjure up some creative and simple Valentine's Day ideas.

When we are in a place of uncertainty, it is important that we set some boundaries and guidelines - not from a place of playing games with this person but more from a place of self-respect and integrity.

If you are still uncertain about what to do this year or what to get, just remember you can never go wrong with chocolate and flowers. Chocolate covered nuts or almost anything chocolate-covered will most likely always put a big smile on a face. Flowers - well they are always thoughtful and brighten up a space from the inside out. This Valentine's Day, see if you can make it the best ever and use some of these ideas to help you. Never forget you can never get enough Valentine's gifts for friends.

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