Top Benefits of Dried Ginger

Several Health Benefits of Eating Dried Ginger Everyday

Top Benefits of Dried Ginger

Ginger is from the same plant lineage as cardamom and turmeric and has been used for thousands of years all over the globe. Early practices within Indian, Asian and Arab cultures recognized ginger for not only its unique, awakening flavor but also its medicinal value. Today, ginger can be found and purchased in a variety of forms that easily integrate into your daily routine. There are several benefits of eating dried ginger. Here are a few core benefits of eating ginger everyday.

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

With so many temptations looming down the processed food aisles, Crystallized Ginger provides a healthy sweet tooth snack. In addition to all the health benefits inherent in ginger, crystallized ginger will give you the sweet flavor you crave along with some heat to awaken the senses.

Anti-Inflammatory Impact

Adding ginger to your daily diet or routine will help your body manage any pain that may be caused by inflammation. In reviewing studies on ginger in "The Journal of Medicinal Food," the researchers noted that the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger have been apparent for centuries and repeatedly confirmed in numerous studies. In a Huffington Post article, Dr. Leo Galland affirmed that ginger is so powerful that it can be used as a painkiller for arthritis.

Settle an Upset Stomach

Candied or crystallized ginger can offer relief from certain GI distresses. In a 2007 article in the "Journal of Medical Association of Thailand," researches found that ginger was just as effective as Dramamine (an over-the-counter medication for motion sickness). Another study in 2005 published in the "Obstetrics and Gynecology" confirmed that ginger is effective in helping to relieve nausea and vomiting during pregnancy without any significant adverse effects.

There are so many creative ways you can incorporate ginger into your diet. You can add the Crystallized Ginger to salads with citrus flavoring and dressing. It is also an excellent addition to dishes using ancient grains and/or Asian stir-fries. Another fun way to use ginger is adding it to baked goods, hot and cold breakfast dishes, granola mixes, bread and muffins as well as granolas. When using fresh ginger, it is also lovely in a tea with honey and lemon or as an additional flavoring to sauces and dressings.

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