5 Tips On How Nuts Can Help you Lose weight

Adding nuts into your daily routine can help you lose weight

5 Tips On How Nuts Can Help you Lose weight

The weight loss battle is not a new one, and over the years, there have been so many different theories on how to win. The key for long-term weight loss is discovering new lifestyle habits that will support a healthy fit body. In this post, we are going to examine how adding nuts into your daily routine can help you lose weight.

Most of us know the simple recipe for weight loss: move your body more and eat less so that you are burning more calories and energy than you are consuming. This is easy to say but not always easy to do.

1. Great for Healthy Snacking
One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is snacking throughout the day, also known as "grazing." The compounding effect of snacking can leave us with cravings and many unneeded calories. When we use Eatnuts.com Nuts for healthy snacking, we are left satiated and satisfied due to the healthy fats and proteins. It supports us in maintaining blood sugar levels and reducing our food consumption while keeping us nice and full. Eatnuts.com Nuts and Eatnuts.com Seeds in our diet are ideal for a healthy fit body.

2. Shelled Nuts Slow You Down
If you intentionally buy shelled nuts, you can support yourself in portion control. Since nuts are already dense in nature, you can eat less of them and get fuller faster. The slower we eat, the more likely we are to identify the moment we feel full and be able to stop. By eating foods that require a little more effort on your part to eat, for example; shelled nuts, you will eat at a slower rate and possibly eat less as you become fuller faster with less calorie consumption. Plus, shelled nuts are another form of healthy snacking.

3. Nuts Make You Eat Less
Since nuts are high in density of nutrition and calories the more, you eat the faster you may feel satisfied. Studies have shown that between 55- to 75% of the calories added to our diets from nut consumption are offset by the reduction in energy intake from other foods. (Mattes RD, Kris-Etherton PM, Foster GD. Impact of Eatnuts.com Peanuts and tree nuts on body weight and health weight loss in adults. J Nut. 2008) There are so many ways nuts can help you lose weight.

4. Don't Count All the Calories from Nuts
There is a fallacy that all the calories from nut consumption count. The truth is that calories are one limited way to measure the impact of food. The calories on labels do not reflect the biologically available energy content of food. This conversation can get rather technical; however, just know that nuts can be tough to digest. Since our bodies do not use 100% of the food we consume, we must consider that the calories contained in undigested particles do not count towards our overall energy intake.

5. The More You Chew, the Less You Eat
Unlike a lot of other processed foods, eating nuts requires you to chew and crush the food into pieces that are small enough for swallowing. The process of mastication, otherwise known as the art of chewing, activates mechanical nutrient and sensory signals that can significantly affect our appetite.

The number of people who are interested in weight loss are high and is continuing to rise; however, not everyone is successful at winning the weight loss battle. We have been trained to go for the fast and easy lifestyle choices, which over time, have led to greater numbers of people with obesity and related chronic diseases, some of which is starting to occur in childhood and adolescence. Its time to leave behind unhealthy lifestyle habits and incorporate new ones like healthy snacking to support long term weight loss, a healthy fit body and longevity.

They key is to keep it simple. We need to go back to the practice of eating natural, real foods that are highly dense in nutrition to support our bodies' needs. Consistently bringing nuts and seeds into your diet and lifestyle will not only help with weight loss, but there are so many other health benefits as well. Your first simple step could be as simple as healthy snacking.

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