Are Nuts Good For Weight Loss?

Many people leave nuts out of their diets due to their belief that the high levels of fat can cause weight gain.

The research that has been done actually suggests that if you eat the right nuts and in moderation, that they can not only help you live longer, but they also will help with weight loss. Although nuts do have a high fat content, they are full of the “good fats”. Our bodies actual need a certain amount of healthful fats for optimal functioning. 

Macadamia Nuts and Pecans happen to be the two nuts providing the highest amount of healthy fat and both remain on the lower end of carbohydrates and proteins. 

Macadamia Nuts are also known for having the highest percentage of the hearth healthy mono saturated fat. Which not only makes them ideal to consume for their nut nutrition, but also the ideal nut for weight loss.

There was also a study comparing those who ate a low calorie diet including Almonds or complex carbohydrates. The group that consumed the almonds ended up with a 62% greater reduction in their weight/BMI, 50% greater reduction in their waist measurement, and a 56% greater reduction in their body fat levels. Nuts are high in protein and in fiber, so it only takes a small amount of them to feel satisfied. The combination of the high fat and protein in nuts make for a great way to curb those sugar cravings as well. 

Nuts are typically a much better choice for a snack than other options out there, which usually contain high amounts of complex carbohydrates like a bran muffin or even healthy crackers.

So grab a small handful of nuts, like Almonds.Truly the key to optimal health and weight loss is to turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine. The key is we have to switch our bodies from burning sugar to burning fat as it’s primary fuel. Increasing the amounts of our daily calories that are coming from the “good fats” will help completely shift our bodies into an efficient fat burning machine. Of course this won't happen overnight, there is an initial period of time where you must recalibrate it through our food choices and rituals.

About the Author

Lisa Saremi is health and wellness coach for Limitless-U and blogger for Lisa received training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program on dietary theories, practical lifestyle management and innovative coaching methods with top health and wellness experts.

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