Best 5 Tips for Optimal Digestive Health

The Five Best Tips for Optimal Digestive Health Across the Board

Best 5 Tips for Optimal Digestive Health

We all know how important our digestive health is to us, which is why we all should strive for optimal digestive health. Since food is an absolute necessity, it makes sense that we know how our bodies process and respond to the foods we eat. The foods that process through our bodies have an enormous impact on our energy, our mood, and our overall health. When we don’t feel good because we are bloated, or our digestive system is wreaking havoc, it can turn a great day into a disastrous one. Even more importantly we need to do certain things that will support a healthy gut.

Achieving optimal digestive health is not too difficult, but it does require developing a new relationship with your body and being aware of how your body reacts to the various food choices you make. Always keep in mind that those food choices will impact your digestive health in one way or another. Just as there is a recipe for success, weight loss, and many other things, there is also a recipe for good health.

Here are the five best tips for optimal digestive health across the board:

1. Be sure to consume a balanced diet. When shopping for groceries always plan ahead for meals that include a large variety of fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and yogurt.

Examples of fiber-rich foods: Whole Natural Almonds Walnuts Brazil Nuts Hazelnuts Sunflower Seeds Pepitas Raw Pumpkin Seeds Raisins Dried Cranberries

2. Be consistent. Develop a schedule for your meals. Consider eating more frequently using smaller portions. A scheduled mealtime trains your body when to expect a meal or a snack, which helps your digestive system to process what you eat. Remember to keep your tummy happy by not waiting too long in between meals!

3. Support Easy Digestion in the following ways: Remember to chew all your food thoroughly. It is known that we do not typically chew our food enough. For optimal digestive health, we want to be sure we are using our jaw to break down our food and not depending on our digestive system to do all the work. Chewing your food thoroughly enables your digestive system to work more easily. Proper chewing also allows our bodies to better absorb nutrients from our food. Soak nuts, seeds, grains and legumes before consuming them. Take that little bit of extra time to soak the nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes before you eat them. You can even go as far as sprouting them if your goal is to maximize nutrition. Soaking the nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes also helps release phytic acid into your system, making it easier for your stomach to digest what you consume. Soaking also helps avoid things such as gas, aches, and pains.

4. Drink lots of liquids, especially water. The proper hydration of the body is essential for a healthy gut. Poor digestion can many times be improved greatly simply by making sure you are drinking enough water and being fully hydrated.

5. Eat a healthful diet. Eat a plant-based diet. The idea of eating a plant-based diet may be a bit concerning for many people at first, and this is understandable. Making this transition is a significant shift, and a person may need to quickly experience a noticeable difference to be able to stick with a new eating plan. Give yourself an opportunity to try the new plan for a week and see how your body responds. Use nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables, and other whole foods to replace things such as dairy and meat. Or you may want to simply eat a healthful diet or plant-based diet which removes all processed foods which are hard for our bellies to digest. You don’t have to be a complete plant-based vegan, just find an optimal digestive health plan that supports a healthy gut and one that is right for you.

For overall optimal digestive health, consider giving your body some probiotics to support the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. Eat more often with smaller meals. And remember, moving your body keeps things moving!

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