Healthy & Fun St. Patrick’s Day with Nutritious Greens

Nutritious Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Healthy & Fun St. Patrick’s Day with Nutritious Greens

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that doesn't go unnoticed. Although it is not as big as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, the traditions of the Irish are celebrated by many on this day. For some, it's an opportunity to drink, for others it's an opportunity to create positive memories with family and friends. If you have a family, this could be another opportunity to also teach your kids about making healthy choices and about culture and the history of this holiday. And with this holiday comes many Irish Folktales for children.

Since green is the color of this day, it's an excellent time to bring nutritious greens into your holiday spread, making eating greens fun and inviting. Unless you are using food coloring, most naturally green foods are abundant with all kinds of nutrients, and there are so many different whole foods that are green to pick from. Things can still get a little tricky since most kids are more interested in sweets rather than nutritious greens like broccoli and kale.

The one thing all kids do love is a good story, and you can bring in Irish Folktales for children about St. Patrick’s Day to entice them to try out some nutritious greens. If you do a good job and find foods that also agree with their taste buds, then you may be able to leverage it throughout the entire year to get more of those nutritious greens in their diets. It's also an excellent opportunity to explore with different recipes and creative ideas in the kitchen to get more of those nutritious greens in your entire family’s diet.

There are a few approaches you can take, even using some traditional Irish holiday recipes and traditions. Here are some steps on how you can build Saint Patrick’s Day into a day of fun lessons and family love.

  1. Start the day by creating excitement and anticipation about all the surprises and activities you plan on doing.
    This day began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland in honor of the passing of Saint Patrick. It is a day of celebration, and the day includes lots of eating, drinking, parades, dancing, and merriment. A day of pinching those that are not wearing green as a reminder that leprechauns would sneak up on you to pinch you if you didn't wear green on this day. Just like a tooth fairy, these leprechauns were fairy creatures, and we all know kids love fairy tales and stories like these. This holiday made its way into the United States long ago and is celebrated by so many as with it come many Irish folktales for children. Share with your children the history of this holiday and why it is celebrated and most importantly how. Help them pick out the green they will be wearing and get them excited about a day of celebrating this Saint Patrick’s Day eating green foods and other Irish holiday recipes.
  2. Enroll the kiddos in the nutritious greens menu for the day.
    Let them know that this is all in honor of St. Patrick's Day, leprechauns, and rainbows with gold. Although the rainbows came slightly later than the leprechauns, they were the ones known for hiding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This seems to bring in some fun and joy to the holiday of St. Patrick's Day. These Irish Folktales for children can be fun and also instill hope and excitement to young children. Many of these tales have been slightly modified over time as the honoring of St. Patrick's Day became something practiced in the United States. We will get into some healthy St. Patrick's Day menu selections below, but you can also include foods that incorporate the colors of the rainbow.
  3. Get the entire family involved.
    If you have a partner get them to participate by wearing green and sharing in Irish folklore. Invite them to get excited about feasting with some traditional Irish holiday Recipes and nutritious greens. St. Patrick's Day can become a family affair that deepens family bonds by sharing a new experience, learning about how to eat healthier, and increasing everyone's knowledge about this Irish ritual and having a ton of fun.

So with all that said, what are some things you can do to prepare a healthy spread for the family during this green holiday? Here some recommendations of healthy dishes you can offer for the day. From breakfast to dinner, incorporate nutritious greens and all the colors of the rainbow.


Start with a delicious Green Smoothie or some Matcha Almond Milk for you and the family. Did you know that you can add spinach into most blended smoothies turning them into Green Smoothies and you will not even taste the spinach? This is the perfect day for a Green Smoothie, and the recipe we have will keep everyone happy in the home. If you are looking for an adult drink you may consider the Matcha Almond Milk since the matcha is not only green but will give you a little energy boost. Matcha, like spinach, is one of those nutritious greens but slightly different than dark leafy greens you would enjoy in a salad.


It is always good to have a salad with lots of nutritious greens or one that emulates the colors of a rainbow. A few of our favorites are our Sweet Kale Quinoa Salad or Berry Pomegranate Spinach Salad. You can also always add a piece of fish, chicken or steak if you prefer for some additional protein. Another way to make your lunch a little more filling is to add your favorite bread roll or a side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Almonds and Bacon. If you want to keep it extra healthy, just leave out the bacon.


If you like Pesto pasta you may also love our Brazil Nut Broccoli Pesto. By incorporating the broccoli, you not only cook with nutritious greens but bring in so many wonderful nutrients. If you don't have broccoli lovers at home, feel free to use this pesto sauce on some of your favorite noodles or other roasted vegetables, keeping things green in honor of St. Patrick's Day The Irish also love mashed potatoes, and you can whip up some mashed potatoes and add some sautéed spinach to add in the color green. Or you may want to try Kelp Hempseed Pesto Noodles. Again, just like with your salad you can add in some fish, chicken or a steak if your heart desires.


Healthy snacks are also always a great option to munch on throughout the day. You can make Roasted Pepper Cheesy Kale Chips or Jalapeno Cheddar Kale Chips, Green Smoothies are always a great snack and so are pistachios or a trail mix with a pistachio blend. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, there are Pistachio Muffins or Matcha Butter Chocolate Cups that are a delightful green surprise. Lastly, although it's not green, you can never go wrong with this recipe for gluten free Irish Soda Bread, which is one of those traditional Irish holiday recipes.

You can do it all, or you can do a little. You may not even have kids but decide that you want to find ways to bring more nutritious greens into your life and are inspired by St. Patrick's Day. For some this is a holiday of green beer. For others, it's just another time of year to get festive and have fun. Either way, we all have to eat on this festive day, so we can use it to learn a little more about Irish Folktales for children and tradition as well as ways to bring more nutritious greens into our lives. Enjoy this time of year with your friends and family and try out some of the recipes mentioned above to see how you like them.

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