Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Enjoy the Holidays with Healthy Eating

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

As we move closer to the holidays there are many gatherings with friends (with lots of food!), and many people are ready and determined to maintain a healthy diet during this fun season. Well, we are here to help with healthy holiday eating tips! The plan consists of doing things like eating heart healthy snacks, consuming healthy drinks and following simple guidelines that can keep you on track with a healthy diet. These healthy holiday eating tips are extremely helpful while you are out enjoying your holidays.

Holiday eating can be challenging as we have so many delicious options that are not always the healthiest. In addition to dealing with these temptations, many find it easy to simply eat too much. Below you will find 5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips that will help you keep you and your family on track with healthy holiday eating.

Tip #1 Eat Healthy Holiday Desserts:

It seems like the holidays are a time when our sweet tooth may show up with a vengeance. The key is not eliminating the joys of dessert, but rather making healthier choices. By eating and preparing healthy holiday desserts we can minimize the damage, resulting in eating fewer calories, adding healthier fats, and feeling much better. Below are several healthy holiday desserts you can make for your family and friends:

Tip #2 Consume Healthy Drinks:

Around the holiday season in addition to eating calories many of us are drinking our calories. These calories come not only in the form of alcohol but delicious coffee and traditional holiday drinks. Whether it is a holiday drink you are enjoying after a holiday meal or a hot drink in the morning to get you in the holiday spirit. Thank goodness there are many healthy drinks you can make that are equally if not more satisfying. Below is a list of our favorite healthy drinks to enjoy over the holidays.

Tip #3 Heart Healthy Snacks:

While you are doing your holiday shopping and preparations sometimes before the main feasting even begins we may find ourselves snacking more than usual. Snacking is always easy, but many of the snacking options are not always the healthiest. Since nuts and seeds are known to help keep the heart happy, here is a list of delicious heart healthy snacks you may want to have available to help keep you snacking on the right things!

Tip #4 Stop Eating When You’re Full:

One of the biggest mistakes we can make over the holidays is to eat to the point of being stuffed. Even if we are following a healthy diet, overeating does not help our overall health. Many of the recipes above will help satiate you and keep you from overeating the bad things so you can maintain healthy holiday eating. One way to help stop eating when you’re full is to slow down and take your time. Just take your time to chew your food and enjoy it. When you slow down the pace of eating, it allows your mind to catch up with your belly.

Tip #5 Just Say NO:

Many times over the holidays our friends and family take the time to prepare yummy dishes and treats. It can be challenging to “just say no”, but holiday eating is not a must. Part of healthy holiday eating is saying no when you're not hungry or if the item offered is not a part of your healthy diet. Don't allow pressure from family or friends to be the reason that you get off track. You can kindly decline and let them know that you are practicing healthy holiday eating this year, and as sure as you are that their offering is delicious it is not a part of your healthy diet.

The best way to follow these healthy holiday eating tips is to do the best that you can. Sometimes when we overwhelm ourselves with rules and regulations, the very thing we are looking to accomplish gets sabotaged. As you tell yourself you can't have this or that you tell your subconscious mind to focus on the very thing you don't want, and then you attract it. Be easy on yourself and just give it your best effort each day to incorporate healthy eating into your overall lifestyle. Continue to follow those principals over the holiday season, and you’ll be sure to love the results.

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