Healthy Holiday Snacks for Kids

Healthy Choices for Holiday Snacks will Children Enjoy

Healthy Holiday Snacks for Kids

As the holidays are in full swing it is natural for parents to want to find healthy holiday snacks for kids, especially when there are sweet, sugary items everywhere we look. As our schedules get busier around the holidays, it can become challenging to support our kids in making the best food choices. We'd like to offer some quick, easy healthy snack recipes to you because some parents are not only battling their own temptations, they are also battling their children's temptations.

Limit Sugar

We cannot ignore that we are up against a big culprit called sugar. Sugar is addicting and has taken over our culture. What once used to be scarce and a luxury is now an abundant natural resource that has been turned into chemicals due to the many ways of processing the sugar. It is also now combined with many unpronounceable ingredients that are foreign to our bodies. Food companies are now targeting our younger generation in their addictions to sugar in the form of candy bars, pastries, cookies and more.

We may have been persuaded by sugary snacks when we were younger, but today we have access to more knowledge and resources about what sugar does to our bodies, and the benefits of good health and healthy food choices. We can pass down that knowledge to our younger generation, and we can show them how to make healthy, cool snacks for kids.

Healthier Food Choices for Children

We have included seven of our favorite easy, healthy snack recipes so you can start this journey of educating your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and younger generation about how to make healthy snacks at home. While you prepare these healthy snacks and incorporate these ideas for healthy snacks for kids in your kitchen, you can educate them on why they are better choices and how healthy holiday snacks for kids are cool and that they are "cool" when they make healthier choices.

Benefits of Healthy Snacks

The other benefits that come out of making healthy holiday snacks for kids with children is that they learn how to make them, what the ingredients are, and it can cultivate a fun time together to deepen your bond. The other thing worth noting is that these easy, healthy snack recipes are snacks that you can enjoy, too. By making them at home and eating them you are setting an example of how important it is to make better food choices.

Healthy Holiday Snack Recipes

The recipes below include whole food ingredients and contain a variety of our Seeds and Dried Fruits which are not only tasty and satiating, they are also known for their high nutritional profiles. So rather than kids eating candy bars and other junk foods that are high in empty calories they can make better choices that will keep them happy and satisfied.

Super Berry Hiking Trail Mix

Papaya Coconut Breakfast Treats

Paleo Peanut Butter Muffins

Gluten Free Blueberry Harvest Bars

Cranberry Delight Chewy Granola Bars

Berry Nutty Yogurt

Baked Falafel Balls

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