Nut Nutrition Facts - Are nuts healthy or an indulgence?

A look at nut nutrition facts reveals if nuts are healthy or not.

Nut Nutrition Facts - Are nuts healthy or an indulgence?

Do nuts help with weight loss or do they cause weight gain? There are so many answers we would like to know before indulging in nuts. Nut nutrition facts tell the story.

Nuts are known as an excellent source of protein. Nuts are also an excellent resource for fiber, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial fats. Nuts are packed with nutrition, meaning a small amount can go a long way. Based on the nutrition profile of nuts, they are considered a healthy snack, but there's more learn here.

Part of the nut nutrition profile is their high "good" fat content levels. It's the high levels of fat that make nuts the perfect dairy free source. These healthy fats process differently in the body than dairy fats. Good fats create a metabolic shift in the body, changing it from a sugar burner to an efficient fat burner. Nuts have a high protein content, low carb content and good fat content, which makes them an optimal healthy snack. Many snacking food options are high in carbs and sugars that cause weight gain in unwanted areas. A combination of intermittent fasting and substituting high carbohydrate, sugary snacks with natural nuts and vegetables will help make this metabolic shift smooth and in the shortest amount of time.

With this said, when consuming nuts, you should do so in moderation. Even when mixed into healthy snacks and healthy recipes, nuts can be less than ideal when in consumed in excess. All things are best eaten in moderation to get the best their nutrition profile has to offer. Nut consumption is no different.

One side effect of eating healthy snacks with nuts is their high-calorie count.

Make sure you read the nutritional facts per serving size. Nuts are dense, high protein foods. Just a handful of nuts a day brings enough nut nutrition into the body to make a big difference. Interestingly enough, due to the fact they are high protein foods and full of good fats, nuts can also be extremely satiating and a great between meals to prevent overeating or unhealthful snacking. They are also a great addition to healthy recipes.

When eating a Vegan or RAW diet, nuts are a foundation for many healthy recipes and dishes. They can be used to replace dairy items like milk and cheese. In fact, you can use nuts to make dairy free milk, dairy free cheese, and dairy free ice cream. Another bonus of nuts as a dairy replacement is that you get all the nut nutrition and you don't lose on taste and texture.

Who would have imagined using cashews as an ice cream replacement? It can be almost guilt free, depending on how you choose to sweeten it. You can also use cashews to make things like alfredo sauce and toppings for a variety of vegan and raw desserts.

To get an ideal combination of nut nutrition, spice it up with a variety of nuts to make your experience adding more nuts in your diet more fun and exciting. Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans and Brazil Nuts have the highest levels of nutrition of all nuts.

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