The Best All Natural Sweetener

Best Substitutes for Sugar

The Best All Natural Sweetener

Types of Natural Sweeteners

As we have become more aware of the negative impacts that sugar can have on our health, consumers have increasingly sought out replacements for sugar. The best substitute for sugar can actually be one of many healthy natural sweeteners. Healthy natural sweeteners are typically the plant based sugar substitutes like Dates, Raisins, agave, and lucuma. Honey is yet another familiar sweetener option; however, dates and raisins are especially ideal choices due to their texture, making them not only a versatile but healthy alternative for sugar.


Considered by many to be the best all natural sweetener, dates are a key ingredient in many vegan and raw food dessert recipes. Dates can be easily made into a Sweet Date Paste, which is a perfect substitute for brown sugar, as well as date syrup. If you have the right tools in the kitchen, dates may rightfully become one of your tried and true plant based sugar substitutes for a multitude of recipes. In addition to being a healthy substitute for brown sugar, dates are adaptive. You can modify the texture of dates as needed to use them for a variety of applications that call for a healthy alternative for sugar.

Plant Based Sugar and Health

As part of selecting a healthy alternative for sugar, we must also consider what “healthy” means, as each of us face a unique set of circumstances influencing our current and ideal physical well-being. For people with diabetes who must strictly manage their sugar intake, it is good to consult with your medical team if you have any questions regarding the potential effects of using one of the plant based sugar substitutes over another natural sweetener.

Benefits of Natural Sweeteners

There are several benefits to using a healthy alternative for sugar. Healthy natural sweeteners not only relieve a sweet tooth but also provide nutritional value. Healthy alternatives like Dates and Raisins are packed with fiber and help slow down how the body processes natural sugars. Dates and other natural sweeteners can reduce sweet cravings and offer sustained energy. As previously noted, dates are especially versatile as well as convenient, making them rank among the best of all natural sweetener options. Whether consumed whole for a quick snack or as part of a sweet dish, dates integrate well into most lifestyles and dietary preferences, including plant-based and raw food diets.

Using Natural Sugars

Reducing our consumption of processed sugars is just like changing any other habit in our lives. Set yourself up for success by keeping healthy natural sweeteners like dates and raisins on hand. For those with children eager to help out in the kitchen, you may even choose to have fun experimenting with natural sweetener options and deciding together on the best substitute for sugar for some some of their favorite sweet treats. And remember this recipe for Vanilla Date Paste when you need a healthy substitute for brown sugar.

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