Why are Trail Mixes Essential for Hiking?

Trail mixes are the healthiest snack to keep going while hiking

Why are Trail Mixes Essential for Hiking?

When you decide to take on a hike- whether it's a short one for a few hours or one that can take several days- you want to make sure you have the best snacks for hiking. The best hiking snacks are healthy snacks. You want to stick to snacks that are full of protein and good sources of fat rather than snacks with bad fats.

It is always good to maintain a practice of healthy snacking, but when it comes to practicing healthy hiking, make sure you have enough water and healthy hiking snacks. So, why are trail mixes essential for hiking?

Types of Trail Mixes

Eatnuts.com Trail Mixes are probably one of the best snacks for hiking. You can make homemade trail mix and ensure that you pick the best and healthiest ingredients to have on-hand for healthy hiking snacks. The best combination of ingredients for a homemade trail mix is going to be a handful of different Eatnuts.com Nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans, brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios, or peanuts.

You can pick a handful of nut options and then add in various things like different Eatnuts.com Dried Fruit variations, including: raisins, dried cherries, dried blueberries, dates, dried cranberries. mango, pineapple… etc. It's fun to add in superfoods and maybe a little salt to bring forward a sweet and salty flavor. The best thing about trail mixes is that they are very portable, satiating, and full of protein and healthy fats to help give the body the fuel it needs.

Homemade Trail Mix

This is why trail mixes are essential for hiking. They are the best and healthiest way to keep going. If you make your homemade trail mix, you can get creative and even add things in like dark chocolate chips, chocolate-covered nuts, or pretzels. This is a great little addition for the taste buds as well as more calories and energy for a boost to finish your hike.

Although trail mix will not replace a full meal, it is an excellent way to tie you over. If you prefer to keep it salty, you can also do just that. Or you could make an Asian trail mix using wasabi peas, if you like things a little hot and spicy such as Eatnuts.com Spicy Sesame Mix. Personalize your homemade trial mix, filling it up with sources of good fat and leaving out the bad fats. Keeping in mind trail mixes are the best snack for hiking and even healthy snacking.

Healthy Hiking

Just because someone is hiking does not mean that they are practicing healthy hiking. Healthy hiking consists of adding the right types of snacking as well as taking the time to take in the views and nature. Practicing mindfulness while out on healthy hike allows you to replenish your mind as well as your body in a way that supports your optimal health.

Find your favorite hiking paths and show up prepared with enough water, a day pack, and your healthy hiking snacks.

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