You Can Enjoy Homemade Almond Milk

Over the last few years drinking dairy free milks have become more and more popular.

You Can Enjoy Homemade Almond Milk

Whether it is because someone is lactose free or are choosing to go dairy free and make more healthful choices.  Out of all the different dairy free milks out there almond milk is one of the most popular.  It’s so popular that you can almost purchase it anywhere.  What most people may not realize is that making almond milk is simple and will save you lots of money. You can literally make one gallon of almond milk for about $1.50, leave out all those nasty preservatives, get the most out of the almonds nutrients and even have Almond Flour left afterwards that you can use for all different kinds of baking treats.

When making almond milk my recommendation is always to use Raw Almonds so you get the maximum nutritional value from almonds. 

You can make almond milk by using any of the following types of almonds.

It all comes down to your preference on taste and texture of almond milk.  The basic milk would be made out of the almond type of your choice (listed above) and water (preferably filtered and clean). The ratio is one cup of almonds to 2-3 cups of water depending on how creamy you like your milk.  From there you can get crazy and add all kinds of delicious hints of flavors like cinnamon, vanilla,  and chocolate (cacao) or your creative combination. You also have so many different options you can use to bring in a hint of sweetness like Dates, stevia, honey, agave, or almost any other sweetener of your choice.

Once you decide what type of nut you are going to use then you will need to get out your blender, preferably a Vitamix machine, and fill it up with all the ingredients you decide to use. It is ideal to use a high powered blender like a Vitamix machine to get the best results and highest nutritional benefits. The high powered machines typically break everything down at the cellular level giving you incredibly smooth textures as well as optimal nutritional absorption. They are a bit of an investment so feel free to use your standard blender at home until you can afford to make that investment. My favorite combination is a few dates, 1 vanilla bean, and a dash of cinnamon in my Vitamix.

The next big decision you will need to make when making your almond milk is to leave the fiber in your milk or not? Personally I like the fiber in my almond milk and so don’t use a nut bag or cheese cloth to remove it. If you prefer your almond milk without the fiber you can easily strain it out and use the fiber for almond flour.  To remove the fiber, all you need to do is strain it through a nut bag or you can use a cheese cloth and your hands to squeeze all that delicious almond milk into a mason jar or container of choice.

If you decide to blanch your own almonds by removing the skins or using pre-blanched almonds you again may choose to not use the nut milk bag or cheese cloth as the milk comes out much thinner. You will need to find your favorite way of making almond milk and it typically comes down to how much time you have to make it as well as what your preference is with texture and flavor.  Regardless which recipe combination your choose just remember this is fresh and homemade. You are not pasteurizing your milk so that it can sit in your refrigerator for weeks or months. Home made almond milk has no additives or preservatives, only all natural ingredients from mother earth.

Typically the shelf life of your fresh homemade almond milk is 5 to 7 days kept in your refrigerator. You can use almond milk for smoothies, coffee, cereals, oatmeal, or even simply a glass of this delightful milk for a snack.

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