Some Dried Fruit Facts for Earth Day

We pay our respects to mother earth as we take a closer look at a practice that began practically back when human life began on this planet.

Earthy Dried Fruits

In honor of Earth Day let us focus on the fruits of the earth. There are so many gifts that mother earth gives us each days and has done so for so many years.  Fruit has been one of them. Even referenced back to Adam and Eve and the apple tree. As mentioned our hunter gatherer ancestors also dried the excess fruits and stored them for the future as a way to fuel our bodies, sustain energy and, in some cases, survive. This practice of drying fruit has also allowed us to enjoy certain fruits when they are not in season.

Back in those days you didn’t have your local market, grocery store, or drive thru, and you were not always able to get access to certain fruits all year-round as we can today. When the earth produced fruits like apples, mangos, apricots, bananas, ginger, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi, pineapple, etc… it was seasonal and at harvest time people became creative in ways to consume and store the fruits of their labor. One way was to dry these foods and store them in cool, dry areas so that when food became scarce they could survive.

Their process was a little different, but it is still a practice we do today. We still rely on not only delicious dried fruits, but also nuts and seeds as a source of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and energy in our daily lives. Back in that time period it was a matter of survival, as food came in waves of abundance and scarcity.

With a similar mindset in today's age, we rely on dried fruits as a delicious nutritious snack. Of course these days it is much easier to get your hands on fresh fruit and in the United States it is not typically a situation of survival. However, we still consume fruits as a healthier snacking alternative for ourselves and our families. We rely on fruit as a source of energy, nutrition and a way to make our taste buds happy. Although we have a much easier source of food available to us today, sometimes we need a snack we can take with us on the run that isn’t going to spoil, provides nutrition and energy and also tastes good. Dried Nuts and Seeds are all great for this purpose. You can easily travel with them, they don’t go bad and, well lets face it, a good Trail Mix can even become a little addicting to the taste buds.

When we choose to snack on these dried fruits, nuts and seeds we are also eating the gifts from mother earth. She produced these for our consumption making them a perfect source of nutrition with dietary fiber, minerals, iron, potassium and vitamins. Dried fruit is something we have relied on in our diets back to the beginnings of time for humans.

As a Healthy Food Nut, one of my favorite snacks is trail mix and my favorite combo is usually a mix of Dried Fruits like Cranberries, Blueberries or cherries with some nuts and seeds.  The combination of the salty nuts and sweet gives your mouth a burst of deliciousness.

Here are some general dried fruit facts as well as specifics on some of our dried fruit favorites.

Dried Fruit Facts

  • 1lb of dried fruit = 6-7 lbs fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit generally contains more fiber then the same sized serving of fresh fruit. 
  • Fruits become dry when their moisture content drops below 20%.
  • Be mindful as when the fruit is dried the sugar and calorie content does increase.
  • Contains no fat, cholesterol, or sodium.
  • Is superior as a snack compared to junk foods like potato chips, sodas, coffee drinks, candy bars, and other unhealthy indulgences many people go to in between meals.
  • A little goes a long way, it takes just a hint of dried fruit in yogurt, granola, salad, trail mix, etc… to make something that tastes just okay taste AMAZING!
  • Convenient, travels and stores easy.

Dates/Raisins/Figs/Prunes Facts

One Serving Provides

  • Good source of dietary fiber
  • Good source of potassium (good for nervous system)
  • Good source of iron - delivering oxygen throughout the body
  • Source of calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B Complex, and magnesium

Dates Facts

In the United States Coachella Valley carries over 5,000 acres of date palm trees which is about 250,000 trees. This is 95% of the 30 million pounds of dates that are grown in the United States. 90% of California’s Date crop is the Deglet Noor Date.  Relatively speaking in Iraq, is only slightly larger the size of California has nearly 22 million date palm trees.

Ginger Facts

This is great as a digestive aid as well as is know for it’s calming properties. In many ways and even cultures Ginger is considered natures medicine. is a great source of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and different pre-made trail mixes like their Simply Go Raw or Cranberry Delight (two of my absolute favorites).

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