The Best Way to Soften Dried Fruit

How to Rehydrate Dried Fruit

The Best Way to Soften Dried Fruit

Sometimes dried fruit becomes so dried up and shriveled they become the best foods to rehydrate. Rehydrating food also makes sense at times because it works better for certain recipes. If you like to make foods like power bars, dried fruits become foods to rehydrate to get the most optimal results.

Although you would think that rehydrating food is easy, there are some tips to rehydrating foods that will make the job simpler and also provide better results. In this blog, we will cover what it takes to properly rehydrate dried fruits and how long to rehydrate them.

Not all dehydrated items are the best foods to rehydrate, but dried fruits are easily rehydrated and can add a soft texture and more flavor to your meals. These tips will help if you plan to cook or bake with dried fruit, as soaking them first will make them more moist and plump. Another benefit is that it will keep the dried fruits from absorbing the extra liquid from the recipe.

The first thing you want to remember when rehydrating food is to use boiling water rather than room temperature water. The boiling water will reduce how long it takes to rehydrate the dried fruits. Although it is possible to use room temperature water, the boiling water will speed up the process and also yield better results.

Now let's take a look at how long we should rehydrate dried fruits. The boiling water expedites the process, so you only need to let the dried fruit soak for about 10-15 minutes before using them, and you will see them come back to life. Once you have soaked the dried fruits for about 10-15 minutes, it is time to strain them and discard the water.

Another helpful tip is to cover the fruit when you are letting them soak. Covering the fruit with a paper towel or plastic wrap helps keep the moisture contained. If you are using boiling water and covering the dish the time needed is still 10-15 minutes.

One more tip on how to give your dried fruits some extra flavor is to soak them in rum, brandy, or bourbon. How long does it take to rehydrate dried fruits using alcohol? If you are warming up the liquor either on the stove or quickly in the microwave, the time does not change, and you will still drain the dried fruit from the liquid. Using alcohol will enhance the flavors, especially when using the rehydrated foods for baking.

Rehydrating food has been practiced since people began consuming dried fruits. If you read the blog on "Origination of Dried Fruits", you will learn that we started drying fruit a long time ago so that we could preserve the fruit at harvest-time. As you can imagine, rehydrating food not only brings back its aliveness, but it also adds flavor and plumpness to the food as you restore water back into the food. So it makes sense that those in the past would also have rehydrated these dried fruits for their enjoyment.

Dried fruit tends to have a softness to it when stored properly. Over time it can get slightly drier and harder, and lose its resilience. However, if you follow the simple tips above you can quickly rejuvenate the dried fruit and bring it back to life. It's not rocket science as you are naturally revitalizing the dried fruits with water that was once removed. However, there are those few little tips mentioned above that make it much easier to do.

Use rehydrating food as a way to enhance what you're doing in the kitchen. Improve your recipes by rehydrating foods, especially dried fruits, with improved flavor and texture. It's similar to soaking nuts if you have ever tried that, and it brings a whole new dimension to your eating experience. Use these simple tricks and tips when making your favorite recipes that call for dried fruits. You can even rehydrate your dried fruits and enjoy their fullness just as they are, use them in your favorite salads, or in hot or cold cereals.

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