When is the Best Time to Eat Dried Fruits?

Eat Dried Fruit Anytime of the Year

When is the Best Time to Eat Dried Fruits?

The best time to eat dried fruits is not seasonally contingent since the main reason fruits were dried in the first place was to preserve them for use throughout the year. Therefore, the best time to eat dried fruits is absolutely any time of the year.

Dried fruits are healthy to eat because their fiber is great for the digestive system. They are also easy to eat since they tend to be sweet and tasty. Fruit becomes dried fruit through the process of removing the moisture or water content from the fruit.

Fruits naturally have sugars whether they are enjoyed fresh or dried. When the water content is removed, their sweet flavor is intensified because the sugars have become concentrated. Enjoying dried fruits is an excellent way of satisfying a sweet tooth and even better when you eat dried fruits and nuts together. The healthy unsaturated fats from the nuts help slow down the way the body metabolizes the sugars.

Even if you are consuming dried fruits and nuts together, it is best to be intentional about when consuming them. Just like with any fresh fruits, the best time to eat dried fruits is earlier in the day since they have high levels of sugar. Eating fruits earlier in the day gives you more time to burn off the energy that you get from the sugars and calories. Not only is it best to eat your fruits or dried fruits earlier in the day, but it's also best to eat foods that have higher levels of carbohydrates earlier in the day. When we consume our foods with higher levels of carbohydrates and sugars early, it gives the body more glycogen to burn throughout the day’s activities. It's typical that later in the day we are less active and are burning fewer calories.

Another thing to consider is your level of activity. Sometimes we are doing things that require more energy at different times of the day, and so there will always be variations in this rule. As they say, rules are meant to be broken at times. In this case, if you have a day of activities planned, it sometimes makes sense to eat your foods that are higher in sugar and carbohydrates the day before. You may have heard of carving up the day before a big run or hike so that you have more energy ready to burn the following day.

During the seasons where we may be doing more outdoor activities, dried fruits and nuts become a great resource to help us maintain good energy throughout the day. These foods are especially excellent for activities that require high energy such as hiking, running, surfing, swimming, or any of your other favorite physical activities. Some outdoor activities may also require us to be out and about for extended periods of time. Eating dried fruits and nuts enables our bodies to fuel up throughout the day, and dried fruits and nuts are easy to carry along with you. They are light in weight and do not need to be refrigerated. Dried fruits and nuts are the perfect solutions for these types of planned activities. They are easy to store and to take on the go. You can use them to make your favorite trail mix, or you can prepare a myriad of recipes, turning them into protein bars and other treats that you can take with you with ease. Besides the fuel that you get from the higher levels of carbohydrates in dried fruits, you can also give your body the nutrition it needs.

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